The Dos and the Don’ts of Air Travel with a Baby

One of the greatest adventures for most people is air travel which becomes even more exciting when you are able to share the moments with the little ones. However, if proper care is not taken when making arrangements for air travel, the experience can nerve wrecking and you may never want to travel with your baby in the past. Below are some of the dos and the don’ts when traveling by air with your baby:

  • Do not travel alone: traveling alone with the baby can be very tiring as you will not have anyone you can trust with your baby when the need arises. If you are able to travel in large numbers, it will be better as you will share the responsibility of taking care of the baby.
  • Do pack in advance: When traveling with a baby, you will feel as though you are carrying the entire house. Do not leave the packing until the night before the travel day to pack the necessities. Instead, pack in advance so that you will not forget anything and you will also be able to rest before embarking on the journey.
  • Do carry an extra shirt in the carry-on bag: A baby can easily mess you up when traveling as he eats or engages in other activities. Having an extra shirt as you board the train will be of great help in case your shirt gets messed up.
  • Do not expect to be given a special treatment: when traveling with your baby, you should not expect to be treated differently from others. You will have to go through the processes just like any other person which could be a great inconvenience at times.
  • Do not forget the baby carrier: a baby carrier will be of great help as you will move around the airport with ease. You will also be able to read a magazine or a book as the baby will bow off your hands.
  • Do not carry toys that can be whipped around: such a toy will easily be thrown at the passengers sitting in front of you which can be quite embarrassing at times.
  • Carry books with you: You should look for a collection of children’s books that will be useful in keeping the baby engaged throughout the journey. You can also download ebooks on an iPad though these will not work as good as the hard copies.
  • Do not board the plane early: you should not pre-board a plane in an effort to get settled before the others arrive. If possible, be the last to board so that you will spend less time on the plane.

While on the plane, ensure that you remain friendly to your fellow passengers so that in case a toy falls near them, they will pick it and give it back to your baby. The can also help in keeping the baby busy for the most part of the journey.

Snacks will also be a necessity when traveling with a baby. Carry a variety so that they can be a source of distraction for the baby and prevent him from throwing tantrums.



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